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Marge Greene Compares Trump’s Indictment To Persecution Of Jesus

While in New York City, Marjorie Taylor Greene compared Trump to other historical luminaries that had been persecuted by corrupt governments, including Jesus Christ. Happy Easter, everyone!

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What would you call what happened with Leslie Stahl on CBS a minute? Like her Reformation yeah essentially. let me just before we get to this clip just say screw 60 Minutes in Leslie’s Stahl for that embarrassment of an interview. where there was a moment where Marjorie Taylor Green said quote the Democrats are the party of parody of pedophiles. Then Joe Biden also said quotes supporting children being sexualized. and Leslie Stahl’s follow-up was Can you just stop with the name calling? and then they went into a montage about how committed she is to CrossFit. So I mean we’re normalizing this woman who tried to overturn the Democratic results of an election and believes that school shootings were false flags. and that there are Jewish space lasers controlling everybody. And like you, it’s hard to watch that interview and come away with anything except for maybe someone saw it and thought hey she’s not as bad as I thought. because that’s the only outcome possible with that interview in terms of the needle moving. With that said and then let’s be clear there’s I. I have no issue with somebody interviewing really anybody right on their show. I mean if you’re in the if you’re a journalist and I don’t think that there’s necessarily something wrong with the act in and of itself of platform particularly someone who’s a congressperson. I mean she is she doesn’t it’s not a question of being platformed with Marjorie Taylor Greene. It is a question of being represented in a way that is accurate as to how you got into that seat. And the way that she got into that seat by any accounting has to include things like the Jewish you know weather machine that they have. or space lasers. or the harassment of AOC. I mean all of these things were why she is where she is today. you are doing a disservice by not making that clear. by not having the people who watch this interview walk away with that understanding. Everybody’s name is called in politics. not everybody who gets to take the gavel over for Kevin McCarthy has accused Jews of having space lasers.

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