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Multiple Air Crashes In Russia’s Bryansk, Kyiv Downs 17 Shahed Drones, Zelensky Meets Italy’s Meloni

A Russian helicopter and a Su-34 jet have crashed in separate incidents in the Bryansk region on May 13, Russia’s TASS agency reported. In the chopper crash, preliminary reports suggest that the helicopter’s engine had caught fire before the crash. However, Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko, citing local Russian reports, claims that four aircraft crashed in Russia on May 13. Other, unconfirmed reports also claimed that two Russian jets, as well as two Mi-8 transport helicopters “crashed” on May 13. Kyiv said Russia launched 21 Iranian-made kamikaze Shahed drones to attack cities across Ukraine overnight on May 13. Russia launched seven missile strikes, 49 airstrikes and 81 MLRS attacks across Ukraine, according to Ukrainian officials. Poland’s Defence Ministry said that it has detected an object in Polish airspace that flew in from the direction of Belarus. The Polish ministry said that the object that flew in its airspace was probably an observation balloon. UK’s Defence Ministry has said that Russia’s withdrawal from Bakhmut reflects its “severe shortage of credible combat units”. Russia tried to destroy an advanced US-built Patriot air defence system with a hypersonic missile, two US officials told CNN on May 12. Meanwhile, Zelensky is in Rome on May 13 for a short visit, where he met the Italy’s Georgia Meloni and also met Pope Francis in the Vatican. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
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Video courtesy: AFP/AP/Reuters

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