Russian Military Is Paranoid And Scared

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Ukraine’s new weapons have Russia paranoid and scared. After Ukraine used the US’ decoy missile, Russian air defense shot down 2 of their own fighter jets and 2 of their own helicopters. And now Russian command and control has been relocated to hardened structures after Ukraine began using the UK’s Storm Shadow missile. New leaked documents reveal that The Wagner Group offered to give Ukraine the locations of Russian troops. Ukraine and the US rejected the offer because they don’t trust the group but it’s a devastating sign for just how bad Russia infighting has gotten. The US says the Iron Dome is ready to deploy to Ukraine if they ask for it. The UK is transferring hundreds of anti-air missiles and long range drones to Ukraine. Germany says there will be no talk of peace until Russia leaves Ukraine. Russia claims it had to scramble it’s air force because German and French aircraft approached it’s border in the baltic region

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